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Press Releases

NAVAL ARCHITECTURE PROGRESS would like to introduce to you in collaboration with its partners AS2CON and BVB, the innovative rapid ship modelling and postprocessing tool CAFE.


NAP is the exclusive reseller of CAFE in Greece and Cyprus and has also right to resell worldwide. NAP has contributed with its 32 years experience in ship design to make CAFE an essential tool with customized functions for ship concept design and classification checks for ship structures.

CAFE is an innovative software for simple and rapid generation of ship concepts. The software relies on an easy-to-design logic which enables a user-friendly design envi¬ronment, 3D ship and equipment models can be imported into the system, CAFE auto¬matically generates classification drawings that include equipment arrangement. CAFE capabilities can be seen in the video at www.bvbcafe.com.

Ship modelling features

  • geometry can be imported from other CAD software
  • properties of plates along with realistic profiles are imported from MS Excel and can be expanded3 modified or replaced by user
  • enhanced and simplified man-model interaction utilizes arbitrary inclined guiding planes that add, reshape, move or split any entity in a 3D model
  • supported 3D surfaces include Chaikin' surface definition, B-spline and NURBS
  • elements attached to a guiding plane can change their shape and the number of attached beam elements
  • magnetic surface concept enables automatic surface reshaping to fit the shape of another neighbouring surface
  • internal structure along with the imported equipment can be visualized by walk-trough visualization capability
  • multi-user collaboration is supported in real-time
  • automatic generation of classification drawings at desired intersection planes and shell plating

Automatic Features

  • all structural element types can be automatically meshed and refined for the purpose of FEM or hydrodynamic analysis
  • calculation of volumes, masses and position of structural center of gravity
  • several types of structural loading area available, including wave loads utilized by Smith Correction
  • balancing the loads and reaction forces on boundary conditions in case when full ship FE model is being analyzed
  • FE models and hydrodynamic mesh can be transferred to external solver such as NASTRAN, FINNSAP and LS-DYNA
  • Hydrodynamic mesh can be easily exported for analysis
NAP News Update 2011

NAP has purchased a licence of CAFE software developed by BVB and AS2CON in Croatia. CAFE will be customized in order to meet NAP's design methodology needs. NAP will use CAFE in order to boost the efficiency of its initial and concept design stages as well as to prepare Meshing and Loading for Hulls and Structures.



NAP has attended the FP 7 Maritime Brokerage Event - London 2011 in order to search for Partners in European Funded projects for Maritime Research. Our compnay with an extensive and long running in-house R&D experience is looking into participating in European Projects that can benefit from our Ship Design expertise.

Please find our Short Company Profile presented in the event here: http://www.ssaevents.co.uk/FP-7-Brokerage-Event-2011.html


NAP has undertaken to provide all relevant drawings and studies for the conversion of ex. M/S Arberia now M/S Amet Majesty.

NAP was appointed by the new Owners of ex. 'Santa Maria I' now called 'Adriatica King' to carry out all necessary Studies and Drawings for the ship to comply with SOLAS 90 and STOCKHOLM AGREEMENT damage stability regulations. Except from the studies NAP has also carried out all structural drawings for the conversion of the vessel and for the construction of side sponsons.


AMET CRUISES the new Owners of the ex. M/S Arberia now called M/S Amet Majesty has choosen NAP to undertake all relevant drawings and studies for the conversion of the vessel to a luxurius Cruise liner, having also the ability to accomodate seafarers for training.

NAP's expertise on such vessels has contributed in successfully determining the most optimal arrangements onboard and also complying with all Class and Flag requirements.


NAP has finallized the initial and basic design of an Innovative Handy Sized Tug with Anchor Handling and Oil Pollution recovery capabilities.

Please contact us for further information!


NAP's latest Projects 2010

NAP has carried out within 2010 a number of speedy but complex projects involving 4 High-Speed vessels and one Cruise passenger vessel.

Our company has further expanded its experience in converting high-speed vessels and designing aluminium ramps and structures for light crafts.

NAP's latest project is the coversion of Incat's catamaran vessel ex. MILENIUM now under the commnad of Hellenic Seways and under the name 'HIGHSPEED 6'.

The rapid and complex conversion required for HIGHSPEED 6 was a big challenge for NAP's time schedule. NAP managed to carry out in less than two months the basic and detail design of the main aluminium car ramp the side aluminium pax ramps and their lifting mechanisms. Further detailed drawings  for the installation of the new lift were produced as well as new arrangement drawings to accomodate the increase of passengers. Additionally fuel and fresh water tanks were designed & constructed.

Finally NAP carried out all necessary calculations, including Trim & Stability calculations, Damage Stability calculations and Strength Calculations including FEA methods.

All designs were carried out such as to minimize the impact of weight to the light aluminium craft and to avoid force and vibrations interference with the main passenger deck that is supported by elastic mountings.



Another High-speed, monohull this time, the ex. Viking which is now under Hellenic Seaways and with name 'HELLENIC WIND' was converted.

The conversion of Hellenic Wind included a new side aluminium car ramp, the construction of new crew cabins and areas as well as the construction of some new fuel tanks.

NAP has provided all drawings and calculations as well as the supervision and coordination of the project.Finally Trim & Stability and Strength Calculations were undertaken to satisfy RINA regulations.

The vessel is also equipped with NAP's loading software.



The high-speed monohull vessels SPEEDRUNNER III & IV went under a minor conversion of their interior arrangement with NAP's coordination, supervision and drawings.

Furhter NAP provided its loading software solution for the vessels of AEGEAN SPEED LINES.



Salami's Lines cruise vessel 'SALAMIS FILOXENIA'  has undertaken a a minor conversion/refit under NAP's supervision, drawings and studies.




NAP consulting to DSME for two Ropax Vessels of Attica Group

NAP has signed a contract with Korean Shipbuilder, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (DSME) to provide it's consulting services.

DSME has recently undertaken the construction of two Ropax vessels for Attica Group.

NAPs work will be consulting/plan approval for the registration of the vessels to the Greek Flag Administration.

In the past two years, NAP in co-operation with Blue Star Ferries was extensively involved in the development of the Basic Design upon which the two vessels are based.

Completion of the conversion of mega-yacht M/Y O'MEGA

NAP has completed the engineering work undertaken for the conversion of the mega-yacht M/Y O'MEGA. NAP has undertaken the design-calculations as well as the project supervision and co-ordination of major works. M/Y O'MEGA belongs in a small elite of large yachts that comply with SOLAS as small passenger ships.

This contributes to an enhanced safety level missing from most mega-yachts nowadays. NAP believes that is for the benefit of the owners to upgrade their mega-yacht into SOLAS, and has undertaken an extensive research on the matter, with a report coming soon.

New design work for the Ro-Ro passenger vessel M/S ARBERIA

NAP has undertaken design work for the Ro-Ro passenger vessel M/S ARBERIA (ex. WASA QUEEN). The work includes the design and calculations for the extension of the aft Ro-Ro ramp, the design and calculation of new cylinders to lift the aft ramp as well as new Damage Stability Calculations (SOLAS90+Stockholm Agreement), Trim & Stability Manual and upgrade of safety plans.

New Probabilistic Damage Stability module

NAP has introduced a new Probabilistic Damage Stability module for its in-house Naval Architecture Software Package. This allows us to undertake damage stability calculations according to the new SOLAS 2009 regulations for Passenger and Cargo ships, which apply for all new ships, build after the 1st of January 2009.

NAP has already tested the new regulations in various designs; a report will be published soon.