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NAP Innovation

Our company is dedicated in creative marine consulting and ship design innovation. Our range of services combined with our high quality standards produce state of the art client solutions.



30 years of excellence
Our Services
  • Feasibility Studies

    Our services include:

    - Feasibility studies
    - Technical and engineering analysis
    - Transport and supply chain logistics
    - Economic investigations and analysis.
    - Techno - Economical comparisons
    - Market Reports and Forecasting and SWOT analysis
    - Business Plans

  • Management

    Our organization recognizes the invaluable role of project management in the construction of ships. NAP's project management system is divided into the following:

    - Planning & Scheduling
    - Follow-up & Extensive Reporting
    - Handling the Project Team
    - Representing the Client
  • Supervision

    NAP can provide:

    -site management
    -supervision, inspection,
    -quality management,
    -project management and co-ordination world-wide.

  • Marine Consulting

    The scope of NAP is to:

    - provide integrated solutions

    - provide life cycle management

    - become a consulting partner

    - handling the management of changes

  • Ship Design

    NAP provides designs for all kind of vessels

    Our design team can undertake all stages of design:

    - Initial Design
    - Basic Design
    - Detailed Design

Welcome to NAP

NAP's expertise is ship design and marine engineering. Our team consists of numerous naval architects, marine and structural engineers and draftsmen that can provide flexible and personal services of high quality.

Our company is well known for large scale conversion projects, structural engineering and new-building concept designs. Our customers include large and small ferry operators in Greece and Europe as well as Cruise operators worldwide and other ship-owners, shipyards and maritime suppliers. Our head offices are located in the center of the maritime cluster of Piraeus.


Latest News



NAVAL ARCHITECTURE PROGRESS would like to introduce to you in collaboration with its partners AS2CON and BVB, the innovative rapid ship modelling and postprocessing tool CAFE. NAP ...

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NAP News Update 2011

NAP News Update 2011

NAP has purchased a licence of CAFE software developed by BVB and AS2CON in Croatia. CAFE will be customized in order to meet NAP's design methodology needs. NAP will use...

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NAP's latest Projects 2010



Another High-speed, monohull this time, the ex. Viking which is now under Hellenic Seaways and with name 'HELLENIC WIND' was converted.

The conversion of Hellenic Wind included a new side aluminium car ramp, the construction of new crew cabins and areas as well as the construction of some new fuel tanks.

NAP has provided all drawings and calculations as well as the supervision and coordination of the project.Finally Trim & Stability and Strength Calculations were undertaken to satisfy RINA regulations.

The vessel is also equipped with NAP's loading software.



The high-speed monohull vessels SPEEDRUNNER III & IV went under a minor conversion of their interior arrangement with NAP's coordination, supervision and drawings.

Furhter NAP provided its loading software solution for the vessels of AEGEAN SPEED LINES.



Salami's Lines cruise vessel 'SALAMIS FILOXENIA'  has undertaken a a minor conversion/refit under NAP's supervision, drawings and studies.




NAP has carried out within 2010 a number of speedy but complex projects involving 4 High-Speed vessels and one Cruise passenger vessel. Our company has further expanded its experience in converting...

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